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Watch live Football (and TV) on your PC - Guide

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Download TVAts : Source 1

The QQLive program window is divided to three parts. The Central part is a Windows Media Player window in which the chosen channel's stream is played. Those Channels are found in the top right area (Figure 1). Unfortunately, the channel names are not in the form on text characters, so there is no way to translate them.

he QQLive Program Window, p2p Streams
Figure 1: The QQLive Program Window

Information about the available channels can be found on the QQLive website on this translated page: QQlive Channels

The list of channels is on the left (Figure 2). Once again, the channel names are not translated, but their description is, and that is the only way to learn about them.

The QQLive Channels, p2p Streaming
Figure 2: The QQLive Channels
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